On Semi Conscious Thoughts

Did you write that song about me?

It’s a stupid, vain question.

But did you write it about me?

These things I can’t ask you

Can’t tell you

I miss you

Everyday, I miss you.

But I can’t ask if you miss me too.

And yes, I do love him

But I didn’t lose the space in my heart for you

And I’m pretty sure, at one point, you loved me too.

But you couldn’t say, just as I couldn’t say

So we sit here, looking at pictures and faces and time gone by

Wondering if maybe

Just maybe

If that was the other saying

I feel as you do.

On a Shameless Self Promotion #2

Hey loves,

So my book, Dancing With The Shadows, is now available as an audiobook!

I’m really excited about it, the narrator, Colin Ricks, did such a great job and it was a fun collaboration.

I have some promo codes available for the US and UK audible stores, so if you want it for free (in exchange for a review?) hit me up in the comments and I’ll send you one.

Thanks guys ❤ ❤